Hengtong Hardware

Tie Wire,Bar Ties Manufacturer

From wire drawing to bar ties, from production to export.

Over 20 years experience & knowledge of bar ties production and export. 

Black Annealed Wire - 9Ga 12Ga - Bundle Wire

Black Annealed Wire, Made of soft black annealed wire.

Wire Gauge from 6 to 20, bundle wire from 10lb to 100 lb.

Over 20 years production expericence, and 15 years export experience. We make trusty quality black wire and  professional package according to your order.

Production and Package

Large and Reliable Production Capacity

1X40' container quantity a day for bar ties,
1X20' container quanttiy a day for tie wire

Hengtong Hardware is a factory with one-stop production of bar ties and tie wire products, we start our production from wire draw to final products. to make each process under control.

Professional Packing and Loading

Our trained professional team knows the container and pallet very well. we know how to make the packages safely and with care,and really make the perfect container loading.

We protect the boxes and pallets, and make the best fit of container space.